Harlem Building Explosion

I woke up this morning and began my day how I usually do; wake early, feed Witty, see Sammy off and walk the lil’ man in the park before work. But today the ground shook… literally. I live in Harlem and have grown rather accustomed to backfiring buses, dirt bikes, fireworks  and even the occasional gunshot. For […]

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The Summer of Vermont

The story of a New Yorker traipsing into the woods of Vermont — if only to find a hint of solitude — is certainly nothing new. The insistent need for a change of pace or just a change in scenery lives within us all. We do it to stay sane; we do it to rekindle […]

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The Connecticut Coastline

Around the globe, coastlines are dear to many in their most general form, but the Connecticut coastline holds a particular space in what is left of my New England heart. In the off season — and particularly in this when-will-it-come spring — the Connecticut coastline is desolate and bare, yet it is particularly alluring with […]

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The Sri Lankan Series

After months of drowning you  in all things-Sri Lanka, here is the very final addition: a rundown of all the Sri Lankan blog posts. The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean Sri Lanka: A First Impression Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle Sri Lanka’s Tea Country Where Is Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka’s Wildlife The Origins of a Photograph: Sri Lanka […]

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