Konstantin Nossachev Is The Best Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles

I know, I know, “The best tattoo artist in Los Angeles” is a controversial statement entitled to all the territorial scrutiny you’d like to give it, but with so many ego-maniacs, talent-less hacks, and Kat Von D wannabes buried amongst the sprawling reach of Los Angeles, it’s high time someone set the record straight.

A video I shot during a recent session with Sammy: aaron lyles photography

Konstantin Nossachev is insanely talented, widely experienced and would rather duck past a camera than fish for exposure, which is why I more or less forced him to let me shoot his recent session with my wife.

Before you grill me though, let me explain…

Konstantin leaves the limelight for those that require a tender stroke of the ego and has no time for drama (when he’s not flying his beloved planes – yes airplanes – he’s usually booked up). He’d rather keep his sessions to a minimum in order to give the best quality than simply turn a dollar around every corner – even if it means cutting back on flying, which… well let’s just say it’s not easy for him to do.

But what truly separates Konstantin from the many artists (and there are many) in Los Angeles, is his ability to welcome you in. In this city and in this industry, that means something and no one does it better than he. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or getting your first tattoo, this is exactly where you want to be.

His studio is unassuming, yet perfectly outfitted with both his artistic endeavors and his near obsession with aviation. The lighting is warm, the room is spacious and the attention is all yours. His clean and inviting space is soothing while the never-ending soundtrack (of your choosing of course) literally lulls you into a deep relaxation so that he can go to work doing what he does best.

While he’s certainly shy for a typical tattoo artist, Konstantin is anything but typical and his genuine dedication to your individual piece is all you’ll need to see why “The best tattoo artist in Los Angeles” just rolls off my tongue.

Look, I understand there are some incredible artists in Los Angeles and despite such a bold statement, I know he has some fierce competition. I mean, when your neighbors are Mark Mahoney, Kat Von D, Zulu, Mr. Cartoon and so many more, being the “best” seems unobtainable. But if you treat a tattoo session like buying a rare piece of art, then there really is no better place.

After thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of work on my own skin, I can say with confidence that Konstantin Nossachev is the best tattoo artist in Los Angeles.

Check out the video if you’d like to contact Konstantin.


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