Where is Sri Lanka?

The distance that separates New York from Sri Lanka is nearly 8,800 miles and while that is quite an expansive hurdle in the campaign for expanding US travel, it’s no excuse to miss out on what many consider Southeast Asia’s cultural epicenter. Sri Lanka–formerly called Ceylon–spills its sides with abundant wildlife, natural resources and a deep cultural connection, yet you’d be surprised how many people ask; “Where is Sri Lanka?” In their defense, most Americans aren’t familiar with the country. Whether that’s due to the lack of geographic emphasis in our educational system, the physical distance that divides us or because of the turmoil that has more or less cut off the rest of the world for decades, I’m not sure. But the latter era is over and the winds that bring the waves are now bringing more and more travelers along with them.

To me, it’s really more of a rhetorical query anyway–aimed at the untamed bounty that crawls and lurks around every inch of this wild land. Where is Sri Lanka?–Sri Lanka is found in the waters that surround it, the jungles that give it life and the culture that embodies this incredible ancient land. As a photographer, it’s important that my images act as the answer while as a writer, I feel that words can only do a disservice to such a place, regardless of how eloquent or effective I’d like them to be.  Of course traveling there for yourself is the only true way to find the answer to the question– where is Sri Lanka?

A quick little video I shot while exploring this incredible place.



  1. judyinalaska · December 7, 2012

    I especially love the leaning boat…beautiful!

    • lylescript · December 9, 2012

      Thank you so much for the kind words! Your photography (and your blog for that matter) really is beautiful! Nice work.

  2. paisstat · December 18, 2012

    Nice set, well done!

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