Sri Lanka: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka. It’s called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean with its world-renowned tea plantations, rare gems, breathtaking beaches, Ayurveda centers, historic sites, and lush jungles. But after enduring the 26-year Sri Lankan civil war and one of the most devastating natural disasters of our lifetime, the tsunami, Sri Lanka and its 2,500-year history is once again undergoing a monumental rebirth.

Sri Lanka is an amalgamation of poverty and spoils and the contrasting combination creates an inconceivable environment in which to explore. It’s an opportunity I’ve longed for and one I intend on sharing in my next few posts, but for many Americans the idea of such a country can be scary. The term “third world” carries a stigma and often halts the average traveler from visiting, especially when that destination requires an 18-hour flight with a pit stop in the Middle East. But if the parables of a far-off land prevent you from succumbing to its entire splendor, all the history, and the many natural wonders it contains, then you stand to deprive yourself an unparalleled adventure that few have the privilege to explore. Through photography and a few words, I hope to dispel that.

I had the chance to travel a good majority of this gorgeous island and only now am I able to process the memories and images that went along with it. I’ll lay them out in several posts pertaining to the trip and will include an itinerary to help others get the most out of their travels to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

At the very least, I hope to encourage others. I hope to spark the seduction of travel and do justice to a land that deserves it. Sri Lanka is a world apart and deserves its title: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


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