Biking NYC [Without] Spandex

Recently, I’ve been biking around New York and I have to say, I’m hooked. But while I pedal the city in running shoes and a hoody, I’m ousted by a sea of skin-wrapped spandex riders zipping by me – most of them casting dirty looks. I want to believe that I’ll understand the attire one day or even the mindset that gets them to wear it. Maybe I’ll progress to the point where it makes sense. But to tell you the truth, I highly doubt it.

I’m not racing nor am I preparing for a long distance haul. I’m riding, because it feels good – because I need to shed some weight and because this city is drastically being shaped for and by cyclists (Read more on that here.) and I want to be a part of that. For now, it’s my new way to explore the city. Here are some photographs from the frame.




  1. Sean Matic · April 20, 2012

    Love shorty buy you got wrap that ball bag in some spandex already, stop the chaffing!

  2. Sean Matic · April 20, 2012

    “Love you shorty but…” that should say, sloppy iPad fingers.

  3. Deejay Stevens · April 23, 2012

    Oh, I remember when I usta make fun if the guys with the super hero outfits…not I’m one of em…..sad…

  4. Deejay Stevens · April 23, 2012


    • Deejay Stevens · April 23, 2012

      *of hahaha!

      • lylescript · April 23, 2012

        haha! I don’t make fun of them, I just wanted to point out how green I am that I don’t understand it yet. I just love being out there man. How you be?!

  5. Deejay Stevens · April 23, 2012

    I’m living really good out here man! I’ve been getting WAY into riding bikes man. I actually gave in and bought a super hero suit on Sunday for riding, so it was funny I just read your post. I was on a ride on Saturday (Mt. Tam) and out of about 1000 riders I saw I was the only dude in shorts and a tee, so I had to step my game up. But other than that, same shit different day over here. How is NYC treating you?

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