Boston’s Green Bandits: Part 2

Perseverance and a ‘wicked’ nothing-to-lose attitude are what brings Derrick Cheung and Howard Travis to the streets of Boston. But what about the truck itself? How does the Vault attract customers and what does it look like? Here is Part Deux of the three-part interview. Enjoy, re-post and follow.

(All photos by aaron lyles photography)

Part 2: The Truck

U.R: Take me through a typical day in the Vault. From morning to night, what does that experience look like for you guys?

The real hooligan

G.S: We hit the streets every day at 12, so that means getting up at around 10:30, hungover or not, make coffee and go out. We will try and hit one spot from 12-3 and then another for the rest of the night, and some days we’ll hop around more often than that. We don’t have any designated spots, which is stressful, so we have to get lucky sometimes for parking. We move when we want to but if we have that “feeling” that it’s gonna get busy we stay. Every day’s different in terms of locations and faces we see, which is awesome. It’s definitely not boring.

U.R: Why sneakers? Why streetwear? 

G.S: That’s what Howard and I are experts in and are passionate about.

U.R: Describe streetwear in your own terms. 

G.S: It’s being late to work or school because you couldn’t decide which sneakers to wear in the morning. It’s caring what you look like and knowing that no one else has what you’re wearing. It’s appreciating music, art, hustling. It’s a culture.

U.R: What’s behind the name?

G.S: It’s just something Howard and I just came up with. We liked the name, it was easy to spell and remember. We thought, green is for the money.


Always lookin’ out for fresh gear

U.R: What are some of the brands you carry and how often does that inventory change?


G.S: We try and buy at least one new piece every week. So let’s say someone shops with us once a week: they’d see something new every time they stopped in. Here’s a full list of brands we currently carry:

Society Original Products
Annie Mulz
At The Buzzer
American Needle
Purple Cloth
Grade Select
’47 Brand

U.R: What is the one brand that you don’t have, but wish you did?

G.S: Good question. We want an Asics Gel Lyte account… but we’ve tried… even had a rep come out. It’s pretty much impossible to get that account unless you’re David Z. I’m interested in getting brands that no one else in Massachusetts has. I’m pretty content with what we’ve got… but if I had to choose…

– Supreme


Howard Travis (in focus) and Derrick Cheung (out of focus)
U.R: Are companies coming to you or do you have to seek them out? Can you talk to that process a bit?

(PHOTO: Jon Smedley)


G.S: Brands are coming to us now. After our first two weeks in business we had an influx of emails from brands that wanted to get on the truck. I still get about 10-15 brands a week that email me. I go through every email personally. I look at line sheets and determine whether or not it would be a good fit for the truck. So I consider if it would fit in with the rest of the product, how it would make the other products and brands look, if I like the aesthetic of the brand, and if the brand has an interesting story. It’s also vital that the designs be dope and that the owners of the company/ the reps be cool people.

U.R: How did the flat screen menu come about? I would imagine that it was a big deal in the beginning stages of the business, but has it since been overshadowed by the overall experience Green Street provides, or is it still a focal point?

G.S: Actually, one of the guys who was modifying the truck suggested it. We were going to have a board basically that had vinyl slots where we would change in photos of the inventory. I’m really glad we didn’t do that. I’d say the TV isn’t a focal point. It’s just cool.

U.R: In your own words, how would you best describe the interiors of the Vault?

G.S: 70’s rec room. Ski lodge? Shag wagon. Anyway you put it, I love chillin’ inside.

And so do we! The truck is insane and the product flies off Grampa’s dresser in the blink of an eye. So hit em up and check back soon for Part Three of the interview!




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