Halloween Hijack: Preoccupied Wall Street

When the playing field is a margin-less spread of either 1 percent or 99 percent, I think it’s fair to say that I fall in with the 99, but as I walk through the narrow, crude alleys of Zuccotti Park, the  2-class system coined by the Occupy Wall Street movement, gives way to something more centric.

Hijacked by drifters, ex-Goldman Sachs employees, peddlers, lone activists, intellects, and people who are just plain down and out, the movement seems to have lost the very momentum and direction that lead them here in the first place. While Occupy still seems to lack a unified message and a clear leader, the one constant is that no one is going anywhere.

Most are discouraged and dissatisfied with America’s corporate climate and it’s ability to make us feel small and irrelevant. It’s what most believe are to blame for the lack of jobs in America or at least the devaluing of dignified employment. But it’s unclear whether or not they see it as the same environment that gave us the motivation to climb out from the trenches and go after whatever it is we’ve desired to achieve in a capitalist society. That wide-open gateway, no matter how skewed it may be, is what made us a super power and it may very well be what takes us down.

As an observer, I can’t say with certainty that this particular movement has done what it set out to do. Its internal hijack has become something of a sideshow in the heart of America’s swollen sore that is Wall Street. But I’m still intrigued by the whiff of revolution and the rumbling of what’s to come and for now, at least on Halloween, its projected forecast is still unclear.




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