Our Engagement Road Trip

8-27-2010 – 9-7-2010

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I used to grapple with the ideology behind marriage. I got caught up with the idea that as human beings we change so frequently, yet we willingly place ourselves into one life-long non-changing union. I didn’t understand how marriage fit into the natural landscape of human aptitude. And then I met Sammy.

We hit it off in a way that was so natural it felt right. We weren’t goo-goo-ga-ga for one another and we weren’t naive to the possibilities of our relationship. But from day one, we worked and we worked damn well together. It wasn’t overnight, but I realized that everything I was thinking before was wrong. I realized that change wasn’t necessarily a solitary event. When a connection works it works in unison with the sum of its parts and that little bit of knowledge made such a world of difference for me. It allowed me to let in the vulnerabilities and mishaps. It made it easy to enjoy the incredibly frequent moments and it shaped our future into something both of us not only cherish but also look forward to.

So here’s to us. Here’s to a vastly changing world that we will partake in and help create together. And of course, here are some (OK, many) photos from our 10-day 5,000-mile surprise engagement road trip…

Utah: Onward to Aspen/Snowmass
On the road to Aspen/Snowmass…
Riding the Snowmass Gondola… She has no idea.
Apparently she said yes…
Our suite at the Viceroy Snowmass
All hand-made and beautifully displayed by Thomas & Amanda Rekasis
Thank you so much Thomas and Amanda!
On the road to Yellowstone…
A young coyote feasting on road kill
Yellowstone National Park… 
Breakfast after a night in the truck
Yellowstone falls
bear frequenting area… we no likie
Summer bliss in Yellowstone
Grizzly and her two cubs
Bison staring us down
We like each other
Red Fox screaming at us
Yellowstone River
Lamar Valley
Jackson Hole & Yellowstone…
Cowboy Bar downtown Jackson Hole
Elk Antler arch in downtown Jackson Hole
Snowstorm in Yellowstone
Waiting for a moose sighting at Moose Ponds outside of Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake Shoreline
Cooking up lunch in Jackson
Road to Glacier…
Earthquake Lake Montana
Glacier National Park… 
Rising Sun Motor Inn, Glacier National Park
Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel Canada
Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel
Cameron Lake, Alberta
Black bear in Canada
Sow at Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park
Bull Moose at Fishercap Lake
Highline Trail, Glacier National Park
Mountain Goat and baby
Our rustic cabin in Glacier
Many Glacier Hotel
Sunset at Many Glacier
Native Blackfoot Indian
Blackfoot Reservation…
Park City, UT…
Our Suite at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, UT
Yeah, we had a chairlift in our room
Thank you Anna and Jon!
Park City, UT
High West Distillery

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