Connecticut: Christmas Day / Dec. 2009

Christmas day is more like a marathon for us than a holiday. We wake up early, cook breakfast make hot cocoa and stay in our pajamas while we wait for Chris and Kayce to come over. They arrive and we open gifts. That in itself is rather elaborate. Mom now numbers her packages so that we get everything in the right order. My parents apparently refuse to take advantage of the fact we are older now and don’t need all the bells and whistles we once fussed over as kids.

After exchanging gifts, we get ready and head over to my dad’s to have a huge feast and watch the younger Lyles’ open their gifts. We gorge ourselves silly, swap stories, get caught up in all the going-ons back home before we depart for Branford, Connecticut to do it all over again at Kayce’s Grandmother’s house. 9,000 calories and a good buzz later,  we finally pull back into our driveway and catch up on another important thing… sleep!


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