Arches National Park

Arches National Park — where arid wilds run with the wind. If you’ve never been to Arches National Park, then it might be hard to imagine the scope of such a place. Its massive sandstone arches tower above the horizon–a horizon that seemingly melts into infinity across the desert landscape. The winds slither through the […]

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Traveling to Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island is all too often swallowed up in the same breath as the mega-cruise ships and overdevelopment it’s grouped with, but what’s lost about this beautiful Caribbean getaway are all the reasons we fly south in the first place. Here the water is gorgeous, warm and unparalleled to those of its more famous Caribbean neighbors, the […]

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Harlem Building Explosion

I woke up this morning and began my day how I usually do; wake early, feed Witty, see Sammy off and walk the lil’ man in the park before work. But today the ground shook… literally. I live in Harlem and have grown rather accustomed to backfiring buses, dirt bikes, fireworks  and even the occasional gunshot. For […]

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